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021 - Dr Carrie Pagliano - What Does A Pelvic PT Do?

September 11, 2019

Get prepared to feel pumped up!
In this episode we talk to the amazing Dr Carrie Pagliano (DPT) about
- her story (why she became a pelvic health PT and her work with the American Physical Therapy Association)
- what a pelvic health PT actually does
- what an assessment might look like with a pelvic health PT
- what kind of treatments may be offered
- how physical therapists can get more involved in working in pelvic health.

This episode is great for those who are considering a visit to a pelvic health PT but perhaps don't know what to expect. Or if you are a health or fitness professional and have maybe heard about pelvic health PT and think you might have clients who need this service and want to learn more...this is well worth a listen!

You can find Dr Carrie Pagliano at

She works with clients in the Washington DC area.

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