The Women’s Health Podcast

036 - Molly Galbraith - Ask Me Anything! - Part 2

March 31, 2020

Today we talk to Molly Galbraith, Woman-in-charge at Girls Gone Strong (GGS).  The GGS movement is dedicated to: 

  • teaching women how to find their own version of strength and confidence from the inside out
  • teaching parents how they can be better role models and leaders
  • and helping professionals empower the women they work with

We put the ball in your court and took questions from the community! Here are some questions that we asked:

  1. Where are the older female coaches? What challenges are they facing eg unemployment, recognition etc
  2. How did you get here – ie from the online business side of things to running courses in the Coaching and Training Women Academy?
  3. (Antony tries to sneak in more work for Marika to do in suggesting a webinar…hehe)
  4. Molly drops some great tips on WHY you need to be putting out great content even if you think that someone else has already done it before.
  5. What tips do you have for those who suffer Imposter Syndrome?
  6. What is your favourite family tradition?






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